Welcome To Rev Fitness


Fitness is not just about finding a program and blindly following it while hoping for results. The key is to find the RIGHT program that caters to your individual needs as an athlete and a person. Maybe the weightlifting regimen you have been on for the last decade is getting a little monotonous.  Maybe you don’t feel like you are quite ready to go all in on CrossFit just yet. Or maybe you’re just longing for the extra motivation provided by an expert trainer.

Whatever factor is hindering your fitness journey, the antidote has arrived.

RevFitness is a program designed by the expert trainers at Gardens Crossfit. The idea is to use stationary bikes and rowers to burn fat and keep your heart rate in the target zones, which are ideal for burning calories. When paired with the program’s light resistance training, the results will have you not only feeling lean and athletic but also confident and healthy.